Meta Business Suite: Manage Facebook & Instagram In One Place

Meta Business Suite: Manage Facebook And Instagram In One Place

Meta Business Suite: Manage Facebook And Instagram In One Place

Facebook can be complicated at times, and its several applications—Meta Business Manager, Meta Business Suite, Ad Manager, Commerce Manager, Events Manager, etc.— may serve to make matters more complex.

Well, in this blog we’ll shed light on it (formerly Facebook Business Suite) and how it can make things simple when managing Facebook and Instagram.

We cover you, whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, marketer, or agency owner!

So, let’s dive deep!

What Is Meta Business Suite?

Before we discuss anything else about Meta Business Suite, let’s get to some basics by understanding it.

It was introduced in 2002 which is a full-featured social media management solution for Facebook and Instagram. This native application allows you to perform a wide range of tasks, including content creation and scheduling, engagement response, insight analysis, and much more. Moreover, you can also arrange assets, run advertisements, and plan organic campaigns.

You can perform all of the tasks above—as well as many more—in a single tab with Meta Business Suite, as it operates more like a standard social media management tool.

Toggling between accounts is another great feature of Business Suite that makes it easy for you to manage Facebook and Instagram.

Meta Business Suite Vs Meta Business Manager

The “front-end” ownership of Facebook business page and Instagram business account can be found on Meta Business Suite. This covers all aspects of your page’s community management, such as creating and scheduling posts, responding to comments, and managing Facebook and Instagram messaging.

On the other hand, the “back-end” ownership of your Facebook business page is the purpose of Meta Business Manager. Specifically, Manager allows you to control business settings that Business Suite doesn’t, such as billing for ads and managing assets.

How To Use Meta Business Suite?

  • 1. Getting Started
    To get started with Meta Business Suite, you must need a Facebook business Page or an Instagram business account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, by going to and selecting “Create an account,” you can create one. Further, you can add pages, ad accounts, and users to your account.
  • 2. Filling Contact Info
    Put in your birthday, phone number, business email address, complete name, and password. Your followers won’t be given this information. Facebook will utilize it just for communication.Please note that your Facebook account needs to be connected to your business email to use the Meta (Facebook) Business Suite.
  • 3. Selecting The Facebook And Instagram Accounts
    In Business Suite you can claim your Facebook and Instagram profiles that you own. However, you will not be able to pick an account that belongs to someone else.Also, an Instagram account must be changed to a creator or business account to get managed under Business Suite. Facebook will prompt you to switch accounts before allowing you to proceed with the setup if you attempt to choose a personal account.
  • 4. Adding Pages
    Here’s how you can add pages to Meta Business Suite:
    • Open Suite and log in.
    • Click “Go to business settings” after swiping to the Pages section.
    • Choose “Add a Page” after clicking the “Add” button.
    • Enter your company page’s name in the search bar and choose it when it shows up in the drop-down menu. To add a page to it, you need to be the page admin.
    • There will be a green checkmark on a new window that opens. The page should now be visible in your Pages area after you click “Close.”
  • 5. Adding Ad Accounts
    Following are the steps to add ad accounts to Business Suite:
    • Log in to Meta Business Suite.
    • Go to the panel called “Business settings” where you can find and click “Ad accounts”.
    • Choose “Add an account” after clicking “Add.”
    • Click “Add ad account” after entering your ad account ID.
    • Start managing an ad campaign or create a new one.
  • 6. Adding People
    Here’s how you can add people to Business Suite:
    • Log in to Meta Business Suite.
    • Click “Users” in the “Business settings” tab then choose “People” using the drop-down option.
    • Select “Add” from the menu.
    • For each employee you want to invite to it, enter their email address. Also, decide the Business Role you would like to give them.
    • You can grant access to particular assets and tasks associated with those assets on the page that appears when you grant Employee Access. Once finished, press the “Invite” button.
    • Click “Done” after there is a green checkmark on a new window that opens.

Tools In Meta Business Suite

  • 1. Analyze Meta Insights
    You can view performance insights for your pages using Meta Business Suite. Further, you can examine what content worked well and what did not and accordingly create engaging content in the future.
  • 2. Create Posts And Stories
    With this, you can create posts and stories for both Facebook and Instagram all in one place and schedule each one out.
  • 3. Manage Inbox
    With the Inbox Tool, you can effectively not only manage but also respond to Facebook and Instagram comments from a single place in Business Suite.
  • 4. Manage Ads
    With Business Suite you can create Facebook and Instagram ads and keep track of their performance. You can do this by tapping on the ‘Ads’ icon in the left sidebar of your dashboard where you can also find various ad metrics.
  • 5. Generate Leads
    You can also leverage Facebook and Instagram to generate more leads by using the Instant Forms feature in the Meta Business Suite.
  • 6. Other Tools
    You can book business appointments, manage orders, and also list services on your page with Business Suite.

The Final Say

Not only for creators, personal brands, but also businesses looking to optimize and enhance Facebook and Instagram marketing, Meta Business Suite is just the ideal tool. You can manage all in one place and effectively utilize your time and resources.

However, if you are looking for professional extended support get in touch with the expert marketing team at Arista Systems now.

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