An Ad Campaign That Took Indians By Surprise

Ad Campaign

An Ad Campaign That Took Indians By Surprise

A good ad campagin can create a lasting impression in human mind, and is a great way to recollect memories. As Indians, our roots directly connect us with cricket, it’s not just a sport but an emotion. The ongoing pandemic dulled the whole nation but there it was the commencing of IPL season 14. People got a reason to cheer and stick to the idiot box with loads of popcorn to support their favorite teams.

IPL is known for making iconic ads by partnering with multiple brands like Upstox, Byju’s, and Thums Up to name a few. Furthermore, a fresh new brand made its debut a couple of years ago named ‘CRED’. A credit card bill payment platform that incentivizes for doing good, and is known for its whacky and quirky ad campaigns, definitely capable of turning heads.

As CRED partnered with IPL season 14 we knew there was something fun coming up. The motive of their ads has always been paying the bills on time and getting rewards in return. Although, the twist is they do it in the most entertaining way possible with decisive suave.

The advertisement features Jim Sarbh and Rahul Dravid also known as one of the calmest cricketers of his time. Let us sum up by saying Rahul Dravid and anger are oxymorons, two completely different poles. Surprisingly, the name of the ad was finalized as ‘Indiranagar Ka Gunda’ and the campaign was named ‘Great for the Good’. What will be the scenario if the coolest guy on the pitch loses his cool? Sounds chaotic right? And there it was, the smooth narration of Jim Sarbh, and Rahul Dravid smashing side mirrors of the car. Furthermore, the Indian audience was in awe of the always Zen Rahul Dravid losing his patience in a road jam.

More to say the ad took the market by surprise and made a lasting impression on the consumers. Additionally, CRED is now a part of the Unicorn Start-Up Club with a sheer valuation of approx. 2.2 billion dollars, we see a lot of people believed in doing great for the good!

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