6 B2B Business Lead Generation Tactics For Instagram

6 B2B Business Lead Generation Tactics For Instagram

6 B2B Business Lead Generation Tactics For Instagram

With almost a billion users around the globe Instagram is one of the most trending social media platforms. It’s a place for all including big brands and regular users who just like to surf and scroll. Sourced from Hootsuite, an average user spends around 28 minutes daily on Instagram. There’s no denial that Instagram is one of the biggest platforms to socialize and a potential place to advertise too. With pre-existing content creating tools, Instagram broadened its spectrum to reels and stories making a brilliant place to market business. So, here are 6 B2B Business Lead Generation Tactics For Instagram that can help you reach the bigger goals.

Add A Website Link To Monitor Leads

Your Instagram bio needs to have a link to your website in order to be considered business-ready. Adding a link makes your brand discoverable through Instagram profiles that naturally generate leads. Also, it is a good practice to have a lead-capturing medium on your landing page like a form or a sign up. This will aid your marketing team in following up if a visitor doesn’t choose or buy anything from your landing page.

Create A Suitable Bio

A bio is the first thing that holds the attention of a user. Creating a bio that is crisp yet speaks a lot about your brand in fewer words is ideal. Additionally, Instagram allows only 150 words to define your brand. Hence, your audience will judge your credibility on the basis of your bio. Also, Instagram offers a wide variety of industry categories which makes potential clients discover your business easily. You can also add popular hashtags on your brand’s bio as well, this will help the user gain more trust.

Add A CTA (Call-To-Action) Button

Adding a CTA will only make your brand more accessible. People prefer ease of access instead of relentless scrolling these days. A CTA button will allow prospective buyers to save much time. To integrate a CTA button you may have to employ third-party integrations like GoDaddy Social, Appointy, etc. if you add a button for table bookings, food ordering, shopping, etc.

You can add the CTA button by clicking on “Edit Profile”, then select “Contact Options” and click on add an “Action Button”. Here, you will discover a list of third-party apps that you can choose from.

Make Use Of Instagram Ads

While setting up your Instagram business account you can also start using ads. Using Instagram ads is extremely easy, it’s a simple and well-crafted application in itself. You can determine your target audience and region. Aiming a specific area and group will help you avoid wasting money that goes in showing ads to irrelevant audiences. After a while once you are thorough with postings Instagram will offer insights to tell you about your brands performance. You can also set a budget for your ads and spend it accordingly.

Capitalize Your Hashtags

Hashtags have become an important part of using Instagram and to gain reach. If you are a flourishing business with less followers, you can use existing hashtags with huge reach to make the most of it. Even the big brands often use common hashtags to join certain social media trends that result in more visibility. Furthermore, if your handle already has a decent amount of followers you can create your unique hashtag and use it to gain leads.

Invest In Influencer Marketing

Being in the buzz for a while, influencer marketing is a technique that business owners are employing to attract the audiences. You can find influencers working or endorsing services/products similar to yours and then approach them. Make sure these influencers know about your brand and they also have a good amount of followers. To endorse your brand on a bigger platform it’ll need more money and manpower. Whereas, in influencer marketing you only need one person that can spread the word to a number of people at once. You can also host giveaways and events to generate more leads. Using these strategies will develop advocacy for your brand and eventually help you bring new customers.

Bottom Line

Being a visually gratifying platform, Instagram’s original intention was not to generate leads. Also, it is evident as the posts do not allow you to add shareable links. Although, it’s still a better option to attract users and represent your brand well without being too pushy. As Instagram added more good things like IGTV, reels, stories, etc, inclusive of adding music and copyrighting data it makes your brand look more exclusive. You can amalgamate all of these tools and curate stellar content to win customers and gradually increase leads.