Successful Google Advertising Ideas To Amplify Your Business

Successful Google Advertising Ideas To Amplify Your Business

Curating Google Advertising ideas takes up a lot of mental capacity, however, it’s worth it if planned well. With around 35 billion searches a day there’s no second thought that Google is an incredible platform to target the right audience. Working on the right strategy can potentially drive huge traffic and connect with the right audience. Although, there are several ways of curating and choosing the right mode of employing google ads. We’ll let you know about successful google advertising ideas to amplify your business.

Get To Know About User Intent Before Diving Into Google Advertising

While doing keyword research, marketers usually focus on the numbers and the monthly search volume of the keywords. Furthermore, they would want to know the cost-per-click (CPC) and the paid difficulty. Well, as these numbers and factors are essential, the crucial factor still stands to the user intent. The user intent or search intent answers the ‘why’ behind each keyword.

There are four types of user intents

  • Informational

This is where a user wants to extract more information about a certain topic or word. Example – How many hours in a day?

  • Navigational

This is where a user wants to go to a certain page. Example – Arista Systems Blog, all you need to do is type that into the Google search bar.

  • Commercial

In commercial intent, a user researches a specific product or service. This translates that the user in the near future may make a purchase and they are researching about a product. Example – ‘Samsung Z Flip Price’ or ‘Samsung Z Flip specs.’

  • Transactional

Lastly, a transactional intent is where the user takes action, like buying a product or service. Example – ‘Cheapest flights from Dubai To India.’

By employing these intents, you get to know about the user that eventually takes you closer to driving better results.

Publicize Limited Offer Sales

Offers with a limited time encourages buyers to act fast and grab the product/service before it’s out of stock. This is the reason that such campaigns infer better sales and generate more traffic. An example can be the traditional ‘Black Friday Sale’ that occurs every year. Buyers know they won’t bag a product at discounted prices for the remaining year hence, buying them now seals the deal. Therefore, if you plan a Google ad campaign offering seasonal sales on products, it will drive profitable results. You can create ads around the same theme and have them go live when the sale launches.

Pick a Right Campaign Type for Your Google Ad

Picking an ideal campaign stands important as it will help you to achieve the bigger picture for your business. Here are some campaigns that can help you pick what suits your business needs.

  • Search Ads

Search ads appear at the top of the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

Creating search ads is a stellar idea as there are billions of people searching for something every day. Google search ads can help you target the right audience and additionally increase your brand’s visibility.

  • App Ads

If you have an app ad, perhaps you would prefer to advertise it over the Google app. You can advertise your mobile app on Google Play, Google Search Network, YouTube, etc. For an app campaign, you can run ads that encourage your target group to install your app on their devices.

  • Shopping Ads

Finally, you have Google shopping ad campaigns. These ads include the product’s images and prices, you can run them from the Google Merchant Center. Here, you’ll have to put information about your product and Google creates an ad from that information. Shopping ads only make sense if you’re trying to market a specific product and not the brand as a whole.

  • Video Ads

Video ads may show up while watching a YouTube video or even before or after it ends. YouTube has become an integral part of the advertising arena over the past decade.

Also, creating a video ad leaves a lasting impression on the user’s brain and makes them want to know more about the service/product.

Making Google Ads Available in Other Languages

It’s a no-brainer if you want to target huge demography, you need to employ multi-lingual ads. Furthermore, it also depends on the nature of your business, if you have an international audience, creating a multilingual ad makes sense. This may sound like a little detail, but it’s easy to miss out on it. A language is a powerful tool, it can help you connect and communicate with people beyond your area of service. Make your ads available in languages that are easy to understand in your service areas to make your brand more accessible.

Bottom Line

Google Advertise is becoming more accessible. May it be for beginners starting their own small business or brands that have been existing for decades. Although, using it the right way is crucial. Your sole purpose of running ads should not only be driving profits but also spreading your brand’s visibility.