Top 10 E-Commerce Marketing Tips to Shoot up Your Holiday Sales

Top 10 e-commerce Marketing Tips to Shoot up Your Holiday Sales

Holidays offer the best time to skyrocket your e-commerce marketing sales. Even then, hitting the bull’s eye doesn’t come without its share of challenges. For example, a mom-and-pop store may not have the e-commerce site marketing essential knowledge. On the other hand, an e-commerce franchise may have logistics-focused urgencies at the time of peak sales seasons. Not to fear – here, we’ve bundled up a list of easy-to-implement e-commerce marketing tips. Any business owner can work out to earn profits on the enhanced customer spending during the holiday season. This list contains e-commerce marketing strategy tips that can be implemented just before, at the time of as well as post-holiday season for the best results.

Let’s begin to implement these e-commerce marketing tips to shoot way ahead of the holiday rush:

1. Beautify!

People decorate their homes to get a feel of the holiday spirit. Beautifying your website can attract customers into the buying mood too. Develop a holiday-themed web design. You can formulate festive social media posts and provide gift-wrapping or holiday packaging. For businesses based at multiple locations, make sure your online franchise store has a reliable look. Ensure the look is consistent across all versions of the website. Put the same amount of effort into beautifying your physical locations.

2. Post a Holiday Marketing Video

First, ensure your static website elements are in the right place. Next, check if you can enhance your influence. You can make use of a matchless and expressive holiday video ad. Nothing sets off the holidays much like a heart-touching video. What’s more in store? Videos grab attention and engage viewers. They are also shared much more than links and text combined. Also, take into consideration including various kinds of video in your social media content as well.

3. Build Useful Content

The holidays are chaotic and make customers engrossed in holiday arrangements. You might as well lend a helping hand to them by being there for them. For instance, you can produce a blog or social media post related to preparing your home for Christmas to endorse your scented candles. Also, you can create a post on what to check in your home before the closing of hardware stores to endorse your home repair services.

In this manner, you stay relevant and valuable to your target audience. Make use of keywords that facilitate your e-commerce search engine optimization (SEO). It’s going to require time for your holiday content to pop up on the search results, so begin your content marketing at the earliest.

4. Limited-Time Promotions

Everybody is conscious that price cuts and deals are plentiful during holidays. Still, setting a time limit is predominantly significant for e-commerce marketing. Countdown timers introduce a sense of urgency. Make your prospective customers rank you over your competitors and upsurge revenue.

5. Offer Your Customers a Gift

Apart from exceptional offers to inspire buying, reflect on giving your consumers a gift. After all – it’s the season of giving. The gift could be in the form of a free shipping coupon, freebies, or even the gift of appreciation. The humblest gestures and thank yous win the hearts of your customers. It can amazingly spread your e-commerce product marketing by helping them in recalling your brand.

6. Plan an Email Marketing Campaign

What is your motive behind putting in the effort to create great content and come up with appealing campaigns? For sure, you want to confirm that your probable customers are aware of them. Email takes you directly to your target audience’s mailbox, offering you a great chance of getting noticed. Consider planning a drip campaign to send out additional targeted and custom-made emails.

7. Consider Re-targeting

There are times when your consumers get influenced effortlessly. It is where you should devote yourself to people that are already inclined to purchase from you. For example, someone may have added your product to their cart after sighting it in an email. Yet, they might not have proceeded to checkout. You can retarget them via e-commerce pay-per-click (PPC) ads and paid social media campaigns for them to view the product once again and ponder on purchasing.

8. Mark up Your Website

Setting up your website analytics ensures that you can monitor and improve your site’s technical performance. It’s vital for e-commerce optimization. Fast-loading website pages must be your top priority to shun users exiting your website – it’s vital to have high-quality product images, but not at the cost of your site speed. To provide a better user experience (UX), experts advise highlighting your best-selling products.

9. Influencer Marketing

In order to outperform the competition, you need to stay on top of your social media engagement. More specifically, during the busy holiday season. Influencer marketing is one of the finest e-commerce marketing strategies at present. Influencers express directly to your target audience instead of chasing them. General social media engagement is essential to strengthen your online presence. It’s also imperative to feature your influencer or customer testimonials and online reviews. It enhances credibility and makes buying decisions easier.

10. Augment the Experience for Local Buyers

You may be all set with the knowledge you have about e-commerce marketing. Still, it’s a conscious effort to provide your communications to your client’s specific location. For example, there is no use in proposing a product or service that is not accessible in a customer’s region. Personalizing the shopping experience via local SEO tactics portrays an overarching franchise SEO strategy. It energizes profitable results for your multi-location business.


The holiday season is fast forthcoming, and there’s never been a better point of time for e-commerce marketing! So, just seize this fabulous opportunity to shoot up your holiday sales. Make use of a sound e-commerce marketing strategy and tried-and-tested tips tailored to the holidays.

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