Remember These Tips While Using Video Chat For Customer Service

Remember These Tips While Using Video Chat For Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most vital aspects when it comes to managing a business. Technology is evolving with each passing day and it has overrun our spaces for a better lifestyle. Although, eradicating human touch completely can make your business appear unreliable and distant. The only way to provide stellar customer service without losing touch is by employing ‘video chat’

Keeping Agents Available

Customers usually get weary of the waiting time for the agent to respond. Many customers leave the call because the query is unattended during the first approach. If there are multiple touchpoints, the agents need to be available on all of them. If they miss doing so the whole purpose of utilizing these technologies becomes irrelevant. As most of the requests/queries are taken care of by the chatbots, it’s still important to train your agents to be on their toes. Top-quality customer service is always rewarding. You get the upper hand in maintaining loyalty with the user as well as ensuring revenue is flowing.

Ensure Etiquette When Video Chat Is On

It goes without saying that maintaining etiquette while the video is on is vital. Agents are meant to be dressed in a certain way as they represent your brand. Their attitude will speak a lot about your company and its morals. Avoiding discrepancies in the workplace is a must else it will leave a poor impression on the customer. Apart from this basic code of conduct, agents must ensure they offer a seamless service and have the proper equipment. Technical issues like poor video quality and poor connectivity can be a big turn-off. Lastly, maintaining dignity throughout the call will only help in reflecting a good image of your venture.

Convenience And Accessibility Is The Key

Customers always look for a personal conversation and making a quick move will bag your company words of appreciation. Although, if your company includes multiple steps before reaching the agent, they won’t make the effort to reach out. People prefer quick and easier means of communication. Video chat software needs plugins and extensions which may obviate the majority of customers. Here, the company must ensure they have feasible chat options that don’t require additional downloads. Customers reach from various sources like web-browsers and devices, which means they may have different operating systems. Hence, having software that supports cross-platform interaction is always a better choice.

Employ Recordings For Quality Scrutiny

Nowadays, most video chat platforms offer a recording feature. Agents can ask for the customer’s consent before enabling the recording. Asking for consent should not be restricted to training purposes solely as it also helps agents to verify KYC and insurance claims. Recorded sessions/calls additionally aid in sales, product demonstration, and customer onboarding. It can furthermore help agents internally to enlighten themselves more about tricky or unique issues that customers face. Each set of problems has a different solution, this is where recordings can help you understand more about an issue. Lastly, product and communication trainers can employ these recordings within or outside the organization to improvise their curriculum/policies.

Bottom Line

Employing video chat for customer service is still in its inception. Although many small and big organizations are beginning to adopt this way of communication, there’s still a long way to go. Using video chat for customer service will not only enhance the customer experience but will also maintain transparency. Leveraging human interaction with personalized attention will help you gain a leading edge in the market.