SEO for Bing: 5 ways to rank higher

SEO for Bing: 5 ways to rank higher

There are 83.84% chances that you are reading this blog via Google and 16.16% chances that you are reading it via any other search engine. In fact, 8.80% chances are that you are reading this on Microsoft Bing.

When it comes to search engines, we know that Google has dominance in the market but is it the only search engine that can get you millions and billions of visitors to your website?

Maybe not! Bing is the next big thing and if you are just restricting yourself to Google SEO, you are missing tons of visitors to your website that you can receive via Bing SEO.

Before diving into how you can optimize your website for Bing SEO, let’s understand why you should even invest in Bing SEO.

How Relevant is Bing today?

It’s true that Bing is way behind Google but it is also true that Bing can compete with Google one day.

Being said, the approach Microsoft is using to incorporate Bing into its devices across the globe is commendable because they are utilizing their user data to improve Bing performance and make it more “search appropriate”.

Bing has 1.2 billion unique visitors as of May 2022, now you know how relevant Bing is today, right? Taking Microsoft’s reach to the international market, if you are targeting leads outside your country organically, Microsoft Bing is a must-consider tool.

Microsoft Bing generated $8.53 billion in search advertising revenue in 2021 which accounts for 10.2% ($7.74 billion) more than that in 2020.

Also, it is seen that if you are optimizing your website for Bing, you are also optimizing your website for Yahoo.

It holds a standard usage for popular products and besides being the default search engine on all the products powered by Microsoft, Bing is quite famous on Apple devices. In fact, 70% of Bing’s mobile searches are done on iOS.

According to the reports, Bing has a lower bounce rate than Google and hence it gives an upper edge to Microsoft’s search engine.

72% of all the finance and business users are on Bing and not on any other search engine, and this list includes Google too.

6 steps to rank higher on Bing
Let’s get straight into what changes you can do to your website to rank it higher on Bing-

Build quality backlinks to your website

Not only Bing, but all search engines prefer websites with quality backlinks because it develops authority and shows the research done behind writing that one piece of content.

Writing guest posts for quality blogs and guest posting websites and redirecting them to your website in some way or the other helps your website to get high-quality traffic and thus authority.

Bing favors old links more than recent ones as it considers the trust factor that comes with the experience. Also, if you include links from government websites like .edu, .org, and .gov in your blog, it tends to increase the trust factor of your website.

Paying special attention to on-page SEO

Unlike Google, Bing does not focus mainly on the context. But it also shows higher results with the exact match of the keyword.

Even if you don’t have the .com extension of the website, that’s okay, utilize other extensions like .io, .org, .co etc.

If you already have a website, make sure your keywords are both in the URL and the domain name. To make your website visible, focus on these factors which make a link clickable for the users.

  • Title tag– Along with the primary keyword, it should set the context right for your audience. It should be trendy enough to allow the audience to click.
  • Meta description– This is the quirky bit that encourages users to click more and read the entire piece. Either add primary keywords or relevant keywords to your meta description.
  • Image SEO– Add relevant images and the alt tag to let Bing find your blog via your image
  • Add relevant keywords throughout the blog but do not stuff unnecessary keywords.
  • Don’t forget keyword usage in the fundamental areas– H1, title tag, meta description, and the first paragraph of that page.

Content freshness changes the game

High-quality content is the key to ranking higher and getting into your reader’s mind for the long term.

As Bing themselves says,

Clearly, they look for updated content while ranking them on the Bing search engine. In addition to creating updated content, making the content relevant to the user’s search is out utmost importance too.

For example, if a person searches for “best places to visit in Delhi”, he not only means to get the best places. He wants to know about the places that are cheap, nearby, and Instagram-friendly.

You can use the relevant search area to know more about the phrases people search for similar content. Tools like Semrush and Ahrefs are also effective ways to find the relevant keywords for your primary keyword.

Leverage social media for all the right reasons. It’s much more important to Bing.

Here are 3 ways in which you can do so-
  • Create shareable content. Don’t expect everyone to see your content directly. The majority of the users get to know about something that is trending via someone’s story or post. Focus on creating content that is share-worthy and gives you the required social media presence automatically
  • Add more images to your content. Images tend to speak more than text and thus, there is no way you shouldn’t leverage image SEO.
  • Make it super easy for your users to find you online. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Reddit, be active on as many platforms as you can and make sure Bing counts that in.

Focus on User-experience

Lastly, create more for people and less for search engines. Whatever you do to rank your website higher on Bing, if your user isn’t satisfied with your website, it’s more likely to come down after a while.


The two factors that contribute to a better user experience are Click Through Rate (CTR) and the website’s load time.

That’s all for the day. As you now know about one more search engine to work for, get ready and BING.

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