See How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Influencer Marketing

See How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Influencer Marketing

See How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been in buzz for a while in the advertising world. As the number of brands investing in influencer campaigns is gaining strength with each passing day, it may soon lead to the realm of marketing. But what’s the role of AI here? Read our blog and ‘See How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Influencer Marketing’. 

According to mediakix, the influencer marketing industry’s global market spend is around 5-10 billion dollars by the year-end. 

Problems Related to Influencer Marketing

Problems come with all kinds of marketing strategies and influencer marketing is one of them too. Influencer marketing merely sounds like a tangible concept although the reality is rather different. A campaign usually relies on its engagement rates. Similarly, influencer marketing relies on engagement metrics that are average likes per post and follower count. 

Both units are problematic reason being, the prevalence of falsifying engagement. According to recent research, some of the most renowned brands have a higher number of fake followers. As social media is a video and image-based platform, there are a majority of images that lack identification. Missing texts or hashtags makes tracking difficult. There is always a need for content to accurately analyze posts and the only way to track them is through the content within the image.

According to Rakuten Marketing’s survey of 200 UK marketers; Around 86% of marketers state they are unsure on what basis the influencers charge the fees. Whereas, the other 38% weren’t able to tell if the influencers helped in driving the sales or not.“ 

An AI-Powered Influencer Marketing 

Today, Artificial Intelligence is gaining a lot of traction whether it’s for influencer marketing or online shopping. Additionally, the means of working with creators has gradually become more automated. AI is your solution’s ultimate provider to multiple needs.   

Let’s take a look at what ways AI is transforming influencer marketing

Image Recognition with Artificial Neural Network 

Image recognition is the proficiency of software to identify objects, writing, places, people, and actions within the images. It helps marketers to save a lot of time as a machine performs tasks faster than a human. Computer vision aids marketers to identify relevant social media influencers and extract deeper knowledge about their audience and the content. For example, when some influencer posts about footwear, the engagement can be seen by the brand.

Furthermore, influencer marketing systems powered by AI are utilizing Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to provide insights on influencer’s persona.  

How Can You Determine Influencer Performance With NLP?

To begin with, Natural Language Process (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to comprehend human language in the way it’s written or spoken. With the help of NLP, you can analyze posts or data put up by influencers that fit your brand. Additionally, you can also forecast and collect a rough estimate of the influencer’s performance. The performance can be inclusive of engagement per post and the number of sales conversions. Eventually, with the help of NLP determining an influencer’s performance becomes less tedious and more accurate. 

How to Pick the Right AI-Powered Influencer Marketing Platform?

The work of an AI technology-based platform is to solve business-related problems like generating leads or determining ROI, etc. Additionally, AIs work is to return quantifiable results that make an influencer marketing campaign highly effective.  

A true AI-based platform works beyond image processing. It analyzes influencer content in order to establish the brands and topics that influencers talk about. Furthermore, if you come across a platform that tries to sell its technology by saying ‘it’s driven by AI’ you may want to think twice. Before investing in the plans you may want to ask in what way AI is put to use? If the platform is able to predict results, offer high ROI, or scale programs? If not, it is a red flag. 

What Do You Think, Will Machines Replace Humans?

To put it simply the answer can be a big no. A machine-oriented influencer can be the best option to take inspiration from but not to build connections. While selling a service or a product the audience needs to hear it from a trusted person. The biggest advantage influencers offer to brands is having a trusted personal voice. This enables the brands to develop an intimate connection with the target group. 

Lastly, having a human element can offer better results as Artificial Intelligence lacks creativity and dexterity to drive the narrative.