9 tips to improve your Email Open Rate

9 tips to improve your Email Open Rate

9 tips to improve your Email Open Rate

Any major blog will have email signup forms that pop up, slide in, and drop down. You’ll see them both when you land and when you leave.

And why so?

Because email is unique. Organic reach on social media is low. Clickthrough rates in search are declining. Big Tech stands between you and your potential visitor for those traffic sources.

However, email marketing is a form of disintermediation. You and your audience do not share a massive digital monopoly. Once they share their email address, you have permission to contact them directly.

So the first step is to build your list by using a high-converting email signup box.

The second step is to send an email that is opened.

We’ll go over 9 important success factors for email open rates. This guide will teach you how to improve email open rates.

Make use of a human sender name

Because it is the most visible part of the email preview, it has a significant impact on open rates. While email marketers may forget to check it, recipients never do.

When a person’s name appears in the sender’s name, the email becomes more personal and is more likely to be opened. An email from “Susan Clark from Zippy Ideas,” for example, will have a higher open rate than one from “Zippy Ideas Company.”

Showing how email is delivered in a mobile phone

Make your Subject line Pop

Your subject line is the second most important way to increase open rates after the sender’s name. It is your responsibility to make your subject lines stand out.

For years, businesses have used email marketing, often using the same subject line formulas. As a result, these frequently used subject lines are frequently filtered out as white noise. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to be more creative with your subject lines.

Make the heading presentatble and bold
Here are some pointers for writing catchy subject lines:
  • Inspire curiosity without overthinking it. You want to grab their interest enough for them to open, but not so much that they have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Enter the numbers, something appealing about numbers.
  • Use a joking or conversational tone.
  • Speak in the language and style that your subscribers use, particularly when conversing with their friends.
Difference of open between two different headings and subject line of an email marketing campaign

Write to a single person at a time

When you’re writing your subject line and message content, it’s natural to consider thousands of people who will receive it in their inboxes.

However, it is far more effective to write as if speaking to a specific person, with a personalized subject line and message.

To write in this style, you must first understand your buyer persona comprehending their issues, desires, values, likes, and dislikes.

Use numbers, either odd or even

In text lines, numerals stand out against letters. Numbers, unless they are spelled out in letters, increase the visual prominence of your subject line. Those numeric characters can help your email stand out in the inbox of the recipient.

And odd numbers appear to be the most effective, right?
Everyone says it… But I’ve never seen the proof. Social media research may be useful if you assume a correlation between subject lines and social posts and use social engagement rates as a proxy for email open rates.

Analysis by BuzzSumo about the the number of Facebook and Twitter headlines for engagements in the usar 2019/2022

Write Like a Friend

When writing emails, put your corporate hat aside and write as if you were writing to a friend. This is the only way to truly appeal to your subscribers to open your emails.

For instance, a corporate phrase such as “We’re offering discounts to our customers!” appears distant and stuffy

“You’ve got to check out this deal…” could be a friendlier alternative.

This makes the email appear much more personal and reduces the likelihood that your recipients will simply delete your message and move on.

Example of an email, which enhances on writing like a friend

Maintain Your List

Are your subscribers still interested in hearing from you?

You’ve probably heard that it’s critical to email your subscribers on a regular basis to keep your list fresh.

Even so, email subscribers can become stale over time. Some people may have changed email addresses, or they may no longer be interested in your brand.

To keep your list fresh and full of engaged subscribers, it’s a good idea to remove inactive subscribers regularly.
Anyone who has not opened an email in the last 6 months or more is considered an inactive subscriber.

However, before you get rid of them, try sending a win-back email campaign to re-engage your inactive subscribers.

Try surveying to reactivate a dormant list. They receive a gift (such as a $5 gift card) in exchange for answering your questions.

This kills two birds with one stone: it incentivizes them to interact with you while also providing you with the data you need to continue engaging them with content they’ll enjoy.

Use the most effective words

Your subject line serves as your hook. It is not doing its job if it does not indicate a significant benefit or arouse curiosity.

Some words are more effective than others. According to four different marketing research companies’ analysis of 48 billion emails, the following words appeared in top-performing subject line words:

these are the top performing keywords in email marketing
Keep in mind that your subject line does not have to be the same as the article’s headline. Because subject lines have nothing to do with SEO, there is no need to include a target key.

Create informative pre-header text

The pre-header text is the most visible element of your message in the inbox after the sender’s name and subject line. It’s another way to emphasize the value of reading and increase email open rates. This is your final opportunity to be clicked or tapped.

However, many digital marketers ignore the pre-header entirely. They allow the email service to insert a default message at the top of the email, and that first line of text serves as the pre-header.

examples containing bas pre-header text

Send a welcome email series

Some emails receive far more open rates than others. Sending more high open rate emails can help you increase your overall open rate.

The emails with the highest email open rate are typically the welcome series emails that are sent automatically when a new subscriber is added. They’re scheduled in your email service provider’s or marketing automation system according to your preferences.

To add up, you can send-

A welcome email for all the new subscribers as soon as they sign up.

A weekly email with your well-performed and under-performed articles along with the newsletter content.

Email campaign welcome series stats

We believe in executing and A/B testing on emails observing which type of email would work for your audience. Hence, if you are a US-based business and require our expertise to run successful email marketing campaigns, drop us an email stating your requirements and struggles at info@aristasystems.in and let us take charge of your email marketing campaigns and improve your email open rates.

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