7 Essential Tools You Must Have For Your Website

While we talk about web development, we’re all well alert that it’s an arms race. Any weapon that can be arrayed to give an edge over the competition is important, and when you combine powerful tools, you can really raise your digital game to the next level. The tools mentioned below aren’t simply restricted by top-tier web development companies, they can be used by anyone wishing to gain better insight into the performance of their site.

It is the case, however, that some of the data collected from these tools will help you fix what’s going wrong, but will then need the experience and skill of proficient web development companies to correct the issues.

But first, it’s the consciousness that’s key, because if you aren’t aware of what’s wrong, then how can you know what needs to be fixed?

7 Essential Tools You Must Have For Your Website

So then, here we go into an analysis of seven of the most active tools you can use or web development companies use for your website, and these are all good which-ever sector or industry you’re operating in

SSL Certificates

At the top position of your search bar (before the specific address), you must have noticed an HTTPS:// prefix. If it goes with a padlock symbol, then the site you’re browsing has a current and valid SSL certificate. This certificate is essentially a form of confirmation that considers a website to be ‘safe’. In 2022, if you’re working on a site without an SSL certificate, then you’re at an actual disadvantage. Google now flags up sites without an SSL certificate. Google also warns users who are about to visit your site that it’s a probable threat.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have for any sort of business looking to involve more deeply with their marketing endeavors; be that with joining marketing or email campaigns, etc. Calculating daily traffic, together with their source, session time, bounce rate, etc., are all extremely useful metrics that allow you to precisely assess the performance of your complete website. The insights you get will notify you of how best to spend your marketing budget. If you’ve not already got it, now is the time to implement Google Analytics.


A fantastic free Tool for your inquiry forms. This tool efficiently filters out Spambots by asking for the completion of a tick box, or to confirm the subjects shown in a set of images. Any work you can do to discourage the bots and filter out your sincere inquiries will save you time exponentially in the long run. So then, keep your inbox clean this year with reCAPTCHA!


Hotjar is a heat map tool for refining your conversion rate. With the capability to cautiously scrutinize your site and analyze visitor behavior on your website. Hotjar will let you know where you’re failing, where you could profit by implementing new call-to-actions, and which are the potential pages where customers are not being satisfactorily engaged by your content and are then dropping off. Hotjar also has the ability to set up and implement surveys on your site. This will give you precious feedback that you can then pass on to your web development company for future updates, etc.


You can try using a free version of SEMRush to figure out what it’s really capable of. This tool will assist you to determine how well you are ranking on Google with regards to your SEO. It features keyword planning tools that will aid you to establish which keywords will lift your site’s performance. SEMRush will highlight the spaces where you might be struggling, along with issues such as broken links, missing/incorrect meta-data, etc. It can also facilitate you with competitor analysis and ranking of your keywords. Essentially, this tool will give you a top-down evaluation of your comprehensive SEO performance. As you know; SEO is a vital component of web development.

Google My Business

A free SEO tool that permits you to input data about your business and its services. Google My Business can gather and group all your reviews in one place, which you can then link to your website. It really benefits with building trust and credibility with probable new customers. It can take a little time to optimize and update your page, but just bear in mind that your competitors are likely putting in the effort here. So, you really can’t afford to lose out to them with an endeavor that’s so simple to implement.

PageSpeed Insights

If your site takes too much time to load, latent customers will move away and pick one of your competitor’s websites that’s presenting a better class of user experience. Google PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool that exhibits the speed performance of your site on many devices. It gives you a result in seconds of how long your site takes to load on any given device. It’ll also give you actionable tips on how to enhance the speed of your site. A fast-loading site helps SEO, helps conversation rates, and produces more leads. It also offers a better user experience which is then more likely to receive favorable reviews and repeat customers.

Bottom Line

These 7 must-have tools will aid you in getting the results you’re looking for in 2022. And the best news is that they are economical and easy to implement.

So, what are you waiting for? – Get hold of these 7 essential tools now! If you need expert help or advice with any aspect of your website or marketing campaign, contact Arista Systems today

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